L & M Studio

LMStudio265@aol.com Tel:718-638-0218

Art Fabrication solutions to ideas

Fine Cabinetry for home/office/museums

Moldmaking for exteriors/interiors restoration

Glasswork design, restoration, sandblasting, and fusion

Fine Art painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, mixed media

A quick slideshow of a few projects created by L & M Studio

BRIC Arts Media credetials for Lawrence Heintjes

BRIC Arts Media credentials of Mary Rieser Heintjes

10 E. 40th St NYC Ceiling Restoration

L & M STUDIO started in 1979 with the collaborative effort
of Lawrence Heintjes & Mary Rieser Heintjes to produce
creative endeavors. Over the years, their combined
energies and mutual support developed a great
workshop and artisan skill which attracts
designers, artchitects solving projects
for homes, offices and museums.

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